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About Varied / Hobbyist SubnormalHalfspy23/Female/Malaysia Recent Activity
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[G.DESIGN] Critical Spear Tier 1 :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 0 [G.DESIGN] Critical Greatsword Tier 1 :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 5 0 [G.DESIGN] Laughing Shou Pagedoll :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 4 3 [G.DESIGN] Quagar :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 7 0 [G.DESIGN] Visual Reference Sheet Update: Samupon :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 8 0 [G.DESIGN] Samupon is ready for battle! :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 12 0 [G.DESIGN] Pataporon :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 0 [G.DESIGN] Dameranyan :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 0 [SHITPOST] #BUTTERKAI :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 2 0 [DOODLE][VENT] Salt-lyot :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 2 5 [G.DESIGN] Gasshinger :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 11 1 [G.DESIGN] Citrine :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 14 1 [G.DESIGN] Pose for the camera! :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 2 1 [G.DESIGN] Alternate Outfit: Kaien :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 8 3 [G.DESIGN] Meditation :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 6 3 [G.DESIGN][VENT] The Great Void :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 0


Sonic the Hedgehog 291 Variant :iconherms85:herms85 937 29 Paraget Headquarters (Patapon 2) [4K] :iconowocektv:OwocekTV 9 1 Oyeatia :iconjimvalid:JimValid 36 17 Natapunish :iconclickaclackpoppop:ClickaClackPopPop 9 2 Kami of Leg - Tsumani Juju :iconthegeneraless:TheGeneraless 42 19
The Long Absence - Edge of Patapon
Hello! I know I've been gone for more than 4 months. This is actually because I'm a piece of shit, lazy and irresponsible. Beyond my traits, there is a reason why Edge of Patapon became halted for this long. The reason is that I've taken my time to developed the story of Edge of Patapon. After the release of the latest teaser page (Page 12), the story got changed quite a bit. Not only that, the project has shifted its aspect to a different point to achieve. However I will say that this project is way more planned than the one I did back then. The story scripts are finished. The concept arts are done. At this point, its just the execution that needs to be done. Oh and also, thank you so much for your positive feedback. I really, really, REALLY appreciate it <3, I really do. This is one of my project that took 2 years to prepare, so you know how it has become a part of me. Anyway, the Teaser will be continued shortly, though not sure when. However, when it is done, there will be a sur
:iconsclatch:Sclatch 1 0
Imagine if there we're an Uberhero Gong :iconadi--adi:Adi--Adi 22 11 Patafour: Obelisk Test :iconpf-revmir:pf-revmir 6 3 Petpet :iconmaximusgrowler:maximusgrowler 17 12 For Our People... :iconadi--adi:Adi--Adi 12 7 A Gong :iconadi--adi:Adi--Adi 12 6 Patapon: Toot-A-Loot - Valentines Day Card 4 :iconwingedblueshell:WingedBlueShell 16 2 Patapon: Toot-A-Loot - Valentines Day Card 1 :iconwingedblueshell:WingedBlueShell 18 4 Patapon: Toot-A-Loot - Valentines Day Card 3 :iconwingedblueshell:WingedBlueShell 16 6 Patapon: Toot-A-Loot - Valentines Day Card 5 :iconwingedblueshell:WingedBlueShell 24 4 It's ya boi Kaien :iconpf-revmir:pf-revmir 3 1



[G.DESIGN] Critical Spear Tier 1
SVG render of the Critical Spear from +0 to +10 export to .PNG at 2kpx. This is a model used by Ton Yarida, Kibadda, Piekron and Charibasa. The Uberhero has a different design for this spear.

Download link for the SVG file available here and I take no full credit since this is a derivative work, but please do not claim it as yours -->… . This model may have issues present since I rendered this using a low-resolution reference, so I am open to feedback.

Patapon @ Rolito/Pyramid Games/Japan Studio/Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

the servers are down as heckie again
[G.DESIGN] Critical Greatsword Tier 1
Two different renders of the Critical Greatsword at +0 to +10. Pick one you like, or pick both, who knows?

You can download the SVG model of this weapon here -->…

These models are free to use and I take no full credit since this is derivative work, but please don't claim these as yours. I'll be more than happy to be linked to your work and/or have my work linked back to this submission! Be reminded that these models have some issues because I rendered it using a low-res reference, so I'm open to feedback.

Patapon @ Rolito/Pyramid Games/Japan Studio/Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

This invite link will never expire! Feel free to join, and if you want to, help me with some chat management since this is my first time managing any.
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SubnormalHalfspy's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
[G.DESIGN] Laughing Shou Pagedoll by SubnormalHalfspy

23 | She/Her/Hers | Autistic | B.A English Student

Hello! I'm SubnormalHalfspy. I doodle a lot of things, so expect tons of what you can say, unfinished pieces. You may call me Subs or Spah if you think my nickname is too long.

I'm a multifandom trash. I'll nerd out w/you if we have the same interests. You can also drag me into new fandoms, but I will be very picky.

Some house rules to keep things organized:

- Unsolicited critique is highly frowned upon. I will only allow them when I explicitly say so in any specific artwork of mine, or I say yes if you ask to comment and add input to my work. iwilleatyoursoulifyoucritiquewithoutasking
- Want to repost my art anywhere else? Get written permission first. No written permission, no repost. I can and will report any of my artwork that gets misattributed.
- I know dA messed up on this (somehow), but art theft is a big no. btw it's more than stealing museum paintings.
- Respect your fellow artists and audiences. Do NOT, under any circumstances cause trouble to me or people within my friend circle, or random strangers for that matter. That includes, but NOT limited to harassment, attacking people based on their backgrounds (e.g: Age, race, sexual orientation etc), stalking, and revealing personal information without said information already stated in public by a deviantART user themselves.
- If you have ANY dispute against me or my friends, please bring it to notes and discuss it in a calm, civil manner.
- That being said, if you devolve dispute discussions into any form of harassment, I will block you promptly and possibly report you if you violate ANY of deviantART's Terms of Service and if you break any law in your residence.
- I don't draw/write themes that I am uncomfortable with (That means hate art/writing, not-safe-for-work material (specifically on sexual references and heavy gore) and complicated character designs.) (Updated as of 5/10/2016.)
- I have the right to open or close art trades, requests and gifts at any time.
- I also have the right to accept or reject art trades, requests or gifts at any time for any given reason.
- I can only receive commissions from people I have met and known in real life.
- If you find trouble with the content I create and/or how I am in general, please don't follow. There's a lot more people whose content you might like better, and harassing someone for not giving what you want is a bad thing to do. I've seen a lot of artists leave certain mediums because of this.
- If you are blocked, I have (mostly) good reasons to. Sorry, but once I cut off communication from you, that's it. No hard feelings unless you want to harass me about it.

You can find me elsewhere via:

STEAM: Subnormal Halfspy
Flight Rising: Pootis (User ID #63591)
YouTube: Subnormal Halfspy
Old dA ID: WTH-Arts

And now for stamps...

HUION Tablet user stamp by MadamStargate Team Fortress 2 by LadyQuintessence TF2 Pyro Stamp by MrEchoAngel TF2 Engineer Stamp by MrEchoAngel Guilty Gear Xrd: SIGN Stamp by tenjin-kai Timbre Patapon by LeDrBenji Taterazay luv by Cherrysan94 Undertale Stamp by Southrobin random Osu stamp by hissatsugirl Osu animated stamp by Toxicoow Fandom Abuse kills Interest - Make your own ! by HyaKkiDouR4n Stop fandom abuse - Sonic by HyaKkiDouR4n


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Pheasant-One Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Came in to say I like your little eye dudes!
:illuminati: Eye 
NickolaConagher Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!! happy DA B-day :3 Free Birthday Icon Happy Birthday Godliek :D 
SubnormalHalfspy Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, Nickola!
NickolaConagher Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Np buddy!! Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF 
fourisamagicnumber Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, what software do you use for your drawings?
Just curious o,o
SubnormalHalfspy Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Krita! It's a free digital painting program that works similarly to popular ones such as Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. You can of course donate to help the people improve it and also buy a premium version of it, Krita Gemini.

I'm still learning on how to use it.
SweetMint9 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student Filmographer
Ey! Thanks for the watch! :D
SubnormalHalfspy Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
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