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[DOODLE] Quick Character Concept #1 by SubnormalHalfspy [DOODLE] Quick Character Concept #1 :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 6 1 [OLDWORLD] Priests by SubnormalHalfspy [OLDWORLD] Priests :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 10 0 [OLDWORLD] Deities (Pt.1) by SubnormalHalfspy [OLDWORLD] Deities (Pt.1) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 10 1 [G.DESIGN] Meden by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] Meden :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 11 0 [GIFT] Kyu Warupon by SubnormalHalfspy [GIFT] Kyu Warupon :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 15 1 [G.DESIGN] Late Zigoton Priest Jin by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] Late Zigoton Priest Jin :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 9 0
[SHORT] The Masked One and the Golden Star
The event between the Golden Hoshipon and the Black Hoshipon at the Tink Ravine had passed, and it was time for the army to return home. Since they were far away from their base of operations, the Patapons would have to take some stops between places to rest for the next long walks home. The Golden Hoshipon waved goodbye to the army after they were somewhat saved from the Black Hoshipon's heckling, but stopped dead in the tracks as they heard the call of a certain Patapon. They didn't know why, but the star had an unsettling feeling about it.
"You!" It was Shou Yuushapon calling out to the Golden Hoshipon, and he was already wearing Shubabiya at this point. The nature of his tone showed that he was somewhat angry, but the next few seconds that followed unraveled tension before the rest of his team.
"A... Are you talking to me?" The Golden Hoshipon was taken aback by that shout, but tried to keep face. What was the deal with this guy?
Shou became rather irritated by that star "Of
:iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 0 0
[INDIEVILLE] Alone at the Love Lake by SubnormalHalfspy [INDIEVILLE] Alone at the Love Lake :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 9 1 [G.DESIGN] Adaye by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] Adaye :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 5 1 [G.DESIGN] The Hermit of Mount Gonrok by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] The Hermit of Mount Gonrok :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 12 1 [G.DESIGN] Yabunkamui (Corrupted) by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] Yabunkamui (Corrupted) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 11 0 [DOODLE] What if: Fallen Kaien by SubnormalHalfspy [DOODLE] What if: Fallen Kaien :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 10 1 [G.DESIGN] Swapped!: LocoRoco cast as Patapons by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] Swapped!: LocoRoco cast as Patapons :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 18 3 [BIRTHDAY] Swap! by SubnormalHalfspy [BIRTHDAY] Swap! :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 18 3 [G.DESIGN] Arm Jokes by SubnormalHalfspy [G.DESIGN] Arm Jokes :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 11 0 [REFSHEET] Priestess Zeval by SubnormalHalfspy [REFSHEET] Priestess Zeval :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 9 0



is it birthday time? i think it's birthday time.
[STAMP][RANT] F.A.K.I - Patapon
Stamp base -->

EDIT 10/18/17: After I saw a complaint personally, hoooooo boy. It only proves the stamp's point further.

The Tatepon image for the stamp was obtained from a vector file of a promotional Flash game web file for Patapon 2 that have since then gone defunct.

(A fair warning to all who see this-- This stamp and its description contains drama, strong opinions and potential controversy. Feel free to unwatch if you want your notifications to be drama-free.)

It never came to my thoughts that even a small(?) fanbase consisted of mostly relaxed people and kickass artists (and even writers) who share their work together also run into pretty dark times-- And mind you that I missed most of it before I decided to be an active fan-artist for the series, which started back in June last year (with my scrawly re-imagination of two Flight Rising dragon breeds as Patapon variants).

Don't get me wrong-- Patapon is one of my favorite video games out there. It does have a storyline that I (well, maybe it's just me) engage in when I play. At the same time, there are so many things left to desire in the lore of the games themselves, so I was inspired to make my own interpretations of the story, especially on how everything began and what was the impetus of all conflict in the Patapon universe, and what happens after the final game of the franchise itself. I know this is a bit of a stretch since my world-building for a major literature project regarding the Patapon series is on the works and needs a lot to add, improve and/or remove form, but it encouraged me to build my own interpretation of what's going on, who's who of events that take place. Heckie, I made Ai-ton of fancharacters (cough cough excuse the pun there) to go with. I even met people who also have the same love for the franchise as I do, and some are role players even-- I'm still having an RP session with a partner.

But enough about those-- From what I observed and the conversations I had with several people, some really unpleasant things happened as of late. Now where do I start-- Artists who draw disturbing images (e.g: fetish art???) of cartoon eyeballs who fight on (almost) a daily basis? Two fangames that will pay tribute to the franchise I know of (and even became part of) with their creators getting attacked A LOT for being just that-- Fangames in the works with understandably big goals that will take time to be done, and more original content would be far from easy to make given the case of some games like Patapon that tend to recycle a lot of maps etc? Or just plain arguments that get out of hand for the sake of showing who's better or worse than who? I'd rather spare the rest of the details because I'm sure that this stamp alone will make some people out there go bonkers over. Who on Earth knows though? I might be wrong. But what I saw mostly proved me otherwise. It's scary how these kinds of things happen, and not finding a way to curb this kind of culture is going to have people be scared off from even wanting to know what makes Patapon, well, Patapon.

Anyway, as it says in the stamp-- Fandom abuse kills interest. Be part of whatever kind of media you want; I have no problem with those. But please, don't ruin it for everyone else. It's happened to too many fanbases already, and it keeps spreading like a kind of ailment no one can even explain in details.

That out of the way also, bracing for harassment, being blocked and being talked about how much of a cow I am, to quote indirectly from the stamp base creator.

Patapon @ Rolito/Pyramid Games/Japan Studio/Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Stamp base @ hyakkidour4n
Stamp @ SubnormalHalfspy
basically a race against time at this point with this proposal.

and one of my groupmates ditched task. i'm going to kick him out of the group if he does that crap again.
[DOODLE] Quick Character Concept #1
Might as well do something like this while I'm working towards getting out of art block. This information may make it close to, if not cliche, but here is a glimpse into new characters, the Zigoton twin sisters Ko-in and Gokoro.

Patapon @ Rolitoland, Pyramid Games, Japan Studio, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Characters and design @ SubnormalHalfspy
oh, kill me. just. kill me.

there are people who i absolutely hate working with when it comes to assignments and i should have complained about them so that i can get a group change, but it's already the end of fifth week and groups are already finalized.

i might as well ALREADY failed one of my last semester papers and having my grades drop to the point i actually fail is the last thing i want to deal with.
Hey there.

As you have noticed, I have lessened my activity here due to having spent a lot of time with my family and close knits of friends as of late. And gratuitous amounts of video games and a bit of going out too. Since the final year for my English linguistics degree is coming up on Monday (and I haven't even packed up yet OTL), I will be spending less time here with the exception of activity with a role play group I recently joined, Indieville. I can still post my artwork here, but it will mostly be about a pair of characters I have submitted for said group and more to come. Other than that, I'll probably not be around much, at least in here until I officially finish my course in January the year after the next. The three-and-a-half years isn't taking too long to be finally over with my chosen course.

Though I take interest in how the English language works (there are some aspects i dislike due to its complexity, rip), I'm not confident as to what I will do in the future-- There are so many possibilities I can think of, but out of all of those, I can only pick one I decided on in the end. The reason I'm taking this hiatus is that I'm reconsidering what I'm doing during these years in my university-- My grades dropped due to my lack of faith, focus, and motivation, and I feel that this is the time to stop moping around and actually get serious.

With that being said, I had a nagging in mind that I've been trouble to several people in my course of running this page. I reconsidered the actions I took and I realized that perhaps I caught few individuals in much unneeded crossfires and costed them their comfort and safety in their stay on deviantART. Of course, there are still individuals who I shan't name here that I still have issues with, but there is no use with holding disdains for too long, at least for myself. Therefore, I would like to offer an apology and reconciliation for the faults on my end. If that does not satisfy you, I still won't hold anything against you personally or professionally. I forgive all that has happened to me as well. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope I get to return to full activity in early 2019.


SubnormalHalfspy's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

[G.DESIGN] Laughing Shou Pagedoll by SubnormalHalfspy

23 | She/Her/Hers | Autistic | B.A English Student

Welcome! I'm Subnormal Halfspy, but you can call me Spah if that's not up your alley.

I post artwork here on weekends starting 7/21/17 lest I participate in important events or I am currently active in a group at a time. Excuse me for the near lack of activity that will happen, but since I'm going to be in the final year of my university degree course, a schedule is much needed.

The only rule you must follow is be nice or be quiet. Any and all poor conduct of behavior will not be tolerated.

Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to allow or deny any interaction with me at any point of time and for any given reason or lack thereof. If I have an issue with you and it's impossible to resolve at any point of time, there's a huge chance that I will block you and that's it. No hard feelings lest you want to make a big deal out of it.

You have been warned.

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I'm still learning on how to use it.
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