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[COMIC] Child in a thousand-year-old body by SubnormalHalfspy [COMIC] Child in a thousand-year-old body :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 13 0 [ADOPT] Themed Adoptables [1/5]: Patapon (OPEN) by SubnormalHalfspy [ADOPT] Themed Adoptables [1/5]: Patapon (OPEN) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 5 6 [BIRTHDAY] A dangerous x2 summon by SubnormalHalfspy [BIRTHDAY] A dangerous x2 summon :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 10 2 [SHITPOST] cursed doodles, round 2 by SubnormalHalfspy [SHITPOST] cursed doodles, round 2 :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 10 4 [SHITPOST] burnt paper and maniacal bird laugh by SubnormalHalfspy [SHITPOST] burnt paper and maniacal bird laugh :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 13 4 [VECTOR] Moon Juju by SubnormalHalfspy [VECTOR] Moon Juju :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 12 0 [VECTOR] Meteor Juju by SubnormalHalfspy [VECTOR] Meteor Juju :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 13 2 [SHITPOST] Not meant for the general audience by SubnormalHalfspy [SHITPOST] Not meant for the general audience :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 9 1 [BIRTHDAY] First Meeting by SubnormalHalfspy [BIRTHDAY] First Meeting :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 15 3 A Much Belated New Year Art by SubnormalHalfspy A Much Belated New Year Art :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 8 1 [ANIMATION TEST] Ko-in - Idle by SubnormalHalfspy [ANIMATION TEST] Ko-in - Idle :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 11 0 [LOCOROCO] Viole (128x128 px) by SubnormalHalfspy [LOCOROCO] Viole (128x128 px) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 1 [LOCOROCO] Chavez (128x128 px) by SubnormalHalfspy [LOCOROCO] Chavez (128x128 px) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 2 1 [LOCOROCO] Tuplay (128x128 px) by SubnormalHalfspy [LOCOROCO] Tuplay (128x128 px) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 2 1 [LOCOROCO] Budzi (128x128 px) by SubnormalHalfspy [LOCOROCO] Budzi (128x128 px) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 1 [LOCOROCO] Pekerone (128x128px) by SubnormalHalfspy [LOCOROCO] Pekerone (128x128px) :iconsubnormalhalfspy:SubnormalHalfspy 3 1


[PATAPON] Naughtyfins by MariaNya54 [PATAPON] Naughtyfins :iconmarianya54:MariaNya54 40 2 patapon randomizer 4 by MetalMaciar patapon randomizer 4 :iconmetalmaciar:MetalMaciar 14 4 (Reference Sheet) Zuko Roboton by Topaz-The-CrossCat73 (Reference Sheet) Zuko Roboton :icontopaz-the-crosscat73:Topaz-The-CrossCat73 18 9 See you next year - 2017 by Sclatch See you next year - 2017 :iconsclatch:Sclatch 10 0 PATAPON 10TH ANNIVERSARY: STAR GAZING by maximusgrowler PATAPON 10TH ANNIVERSARY: STAR GAZING :iconmaximusgrowler:maximusgrowler 19 5 Yopan And Yabun by Topaz-The-CrossCat73 Yopan And Yabun :icontopaz-the-crosscat73:Topaz-The-CrossCat73 14 8 .:Patapon 10th Anniversary:. by Lovelybug1071 .:Patapon 10th Anniversary:. :iconlovelybug1071:Lovelybug1071 38 2 Sailing Off (Patapon's 10th Anniversary) by MetalMaciar Sailing Off (Patapon's 10th Anniversary) :iconmetalmaciar:MetalMaciar 23 0 10 Years Marching to The Beat~ by SweetMint9 10 Years Marching to The Beat~ :iconsweetmint9:SweetMint9 34 0 Patapon's 10th Anniversary! by Uxie126 Patapon's 10th Anniversary! :iconuxie126:Uxie126 27 0 Sick Dance Move by DarkllyKung02 Sick Dance Move :icondarkllykung02:DarkllyKung02 18 0 papercraft locoroco 1 by zelas papercraft locoroco 1 :iconzelas:zelas 38 22 random heroes mix duo by Rodamrix random heroes mix duo :iconrodamrix:Rodamrix 32 9 Status Stamps + Plz Accounts by SweetDuke Status Stamps + Plz Accounts :iconsweetduke:SweetDuke 16,557 2,557 Leg Sprout?! by Emeraldthehedgehog68 Leg Sprout?! :iconemeraldthehedgehog68:Emeraldthehedgehog68 23 9



[COMIC] Child in a thousand-year-old body
Exaggerations in the title aside, Shou Yuushapon is very well known in his tribe as a foul mouth. Added with the fact that he has been living almost entirely in isolation for a thousand years in the Gonrok Peninsula, "manners" is simply almost nonexistent in his dictionary. Gong The Hawkeye had the misfortune of experiencing this champion's antics first-hand.

And to think this Patapon is well over a thousand years old... How in the world does he still stand to this day?

Panels rendered with Inkscape, then brought over to Medibang Paint and converted to a single PNG image. Half of the assets used are re-rendered by myself (the body templates, the Shuba mask and the weapons.) while the background and Gong's hat is from a promotional flash game file dump that I acquired a long while ago.

Patapon @ Rolito, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Comic @ SubnormalHalfspy

If you wish to broadcast this art elsewhere, ensure you link back to this or to my profile page. I will do a screaming eagle on you if you repost without doing so be a sad potato if you repost without linking back.
[ADOPT] Themed Adoptables [1/5]: Patapon (OPEN)
Hello there! I am back from indefinite hiatus (again) for a short while for a reason: I'm short on funding right now, so I'm trying to support myself by making art. I was thinking of setting up a commissions page, but I'm busy with university right now and it would take forever for me to consider commission prices, so the next best thing for me at the moment is making adoptables until I can solidify my commission types and pricing.

Here is a batch of characters based on the Patapon franchise for sale. These characters have a sub theme each. More will come at later dates.


#1: $4/400 Points [SOLD TO: maximusgrowler ]

#2: $4/400 Points

#3: $3/300 Points

#4: $4/400 points [SOLD TO: Topaz-The-CrossCat73 ]

#5: $1/100 Points

#6: $4/400 Points

#7: $5/500 Points [SOLD TO: maximusgrowler ]

#8: $5/500 Points [SOLD TO: maximusgrowler ]

#9: $2/200 Points

#10: $2/200 Points

I will send you an unwatermarked PNG file with a choice of the following other formats (SVG, PDF) once an adoptable is purchased.


1) You may edit any aspect of the character designs you bought. Gender, age, physical changes etc. It's entirely yours once you bought it.

2) You can pay with either Paypal or deviantART Points. I recommend paying through Paypal if you have an account for it and you can afford to buy these adoptables. No Paypal? No problem! Send me Points instead.

3) First come, first served! If you have something you like, comment for an adoptable character you want and set up a payment.

4) I can hold a character up to 24 hours for you upon request after your comment for buying an adoptable has been made. If you fail to pay before then, the adoptable slot will be free for others to claim.

5) Do notify me if you draw anyone listed here that you purchased for the first time.

6) You may use characters you adopt for non-profit or for-profit purposes.

7) You may resell (at no more than the original pricing if no design changes occur. If design changes occur, you can sell for higher than the original design), trade or gift the character designs. A note in change of ownership is appreciated, but not required.

8) Please do NOT steal any of the following adoptable characters. It is a bad idea to take designs for sale without a purchase.

Please abide by the adoptable rules to avoid blacklisting. Blacklisted customers are prohibited from buying anything in the future. Blacklisting will take place in both commissions and adoptables, and will not be open for appeal without the seller's discretion.

Patapon @ Rolito, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Character designs @ SubnormalHalfspy
[BIRTHDAY] A dangerous x2 summon
Birthday gift for Adi--Adi ! You get to see two of our eyeball friends burn an enemy down there. P.S: Adi is in the middle of charging up more starfall while Kaien already has meteors raining down on some opponents who perhaps pushed too much of their luck.

Patapon @ Rolito, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Kami Adi @ Adi--Adi
[SHITPOST] cursed doodles, round 2
i probably got these characters wrong while doodling, but this is a shitpost, sooooooo

tagfest for the following people to view since their respective characters are featured:


Patapon @ Rolito, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
NOTE: I am not planning to open a commission just yet, I am writing this journal just in case I will need to open art commissions in the future. Until then, take a read, and read well before you consider commissioning me in the future.

By commissioning art from me, you agree to all of the following:

1) Since I'm learning art (and doing so by myself rather than attending any physical or online art courses because I already have a different course to attend to), commission prices may be slightly lowered than usually offered (per-hour minimum wage basis or other criteria for a minimum wage) in a fully-priced commissions page. Pricing may be subject to change depending on the artist's skill improvement and the complexity of the commissioned work. You will be notified should there be a major update to the Commissions page. (Prices based on or beyond minimum wages will be based on minimum wages in Malaysia.)

2) Please give clear and concise details of the art you want to commission, be it a character or other items of art. Sending references is very much appreciated for ease of drawing.

3) This commission page has limited commission slots depending on daily scheduling. If I'm busy for a certain amount of time, the slot list will be shorter. If a commissions slot list is currently full, you will have to wait until there is a vacant slot for you to fill in.

4) Payment can either be done upfront or after the commission is finished. Previews will be given no matter what payment, but those who decided to pay later, but have not fulfilled their payment will be held from viewing the fully completed commission until payment has been made according to the prices given for it. I accept MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) payments if you live in Malaysia, or you can pay with USD (American Dollars) instead if you live outside Malaysia.

6) If I don't update you regarding commissions for more than say, a week, feel free to remind me of your commission. I can be forgetful at times. I will, however inform you if I cannot complete your order due to packed schedules, personal matters, poor health conditions or other inevitable circumstances. You may at that point choose to either wait or cancel your commission.

7) Full refunds shall be given if an order is canceled.

8) a. I draw:
  • Vector art
  • Doodles
  • Most fandoms I know and love (there are some fandoms that I won't draw commissions from, refer to the "I don't draw" section
  • Violence (Mostly cartoony, but ask if you wish for depictions of something close to real-life violence in your commission)
  • Mild injuries and blood loss
  • Adoptables (I do this occasionally.)

b. I am picky about drawing:
  • Humanoid designs (I still need to grasp some basic anatomy. Sorry if I have to reject this offer if it gets too handy for me.)
  • Fandoms that I don't know about and/or don't really engage myself in.
  • Certain non-humanoid designs (i am the suck at real animal-like designs or mythical creature designs like dragons, pardon me)
  • Backgrounds (Backgrounds are fun to draw, but sometimes it is  h e l l)
c. I don't draw:
  • Not-Safe-For-Work material (That includes nudity, outright explicit sexual content, kinks and fetishes)
  • Extreme, realistic blood loss and heavy bodily damage (gore)
  • Overly complex designs
  • Any kind of hate art
7) Do NOT rush, harass and/or guilt trip me into finishing a commission. Patience has its rewards and if you don't have it, what's the point of buying art from an artist?

8) You may request for non-watermarked versions of your artwork. This is limited to avatar images only. Any requests for non-watermarked versions of other works will not be entertained.

9) You may use artwork I made from a commission for as long as it is specially made for you and/or another recipient (should said commission be a gift for a friend or a loved one of yours). Please bear in mind that you are to keep the watermark featured in my artwork, be it signatures or logos unless stated otherwise (Refer to #8).

11) I reserve the right to accept or deny any commission I receive for any reason, be it stated in here or otherwise.

12) a. Violation of these terms will result into severing of further contact via blocking and addition of your username to a blacklist. This decision shall not be open to any appeal and will be done without prior notice. It will also be listed in a public journal, and for the purpose of raising awareness to other users if they ever consider making commission deals with users in the aforementioned blacklist as well.


SubnormalHalfspy's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

[G.DESIGN] Laughing Shou Pagedoll by SubnormalHalfspy

23 | She/Her/Hers | Autistic | B.A English Student

Welcome! I'm Subnormal Halfspy, but you can call me Spah if that's not up your alley.

I post artwork here on weekends starting 7/21/17 lest I participate in important events or I am currently active in a group at a time. Excuse me for the near lack of activity that will happen, but since I'm going to be in the final year of my university degree course, a schedule is much needed.

The only rule you must follow is be nice or be quiet. Any and all poor conduct of behavior will not be tolerated.

Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to allow or deny any interaction with me at any point of time and for any given reason or lack thereof. If I have an issue with you and it's impossible to resolve at any point of time, there's a huge chance that I will block you and that's it. No hard feelings lest you want to make a big deal out of it.

You have been warned.

HUION Tablet user stamp by MadamStargate Team Fortress 2 by LadyQuintessence TF2 Pyro Stamp by MrEchoAngel TF2 Engineer Stamp by MrEchoAngel Guilty Gear Xrd: SIGN Stamp by tenjin-kai Timbre Patapon by LeDrBenji Taterazay luv by Cherrysan94 Undertale Stamp by Southrobin random Osu stamp by hissatsugirl Osu animated stamp by Toxicoow Fandom Abuse kills Interest - Make your own ! by HyaKkiDouR4n Stop fandom abuse - Sonic by HyaKkiDouR4n HOLY SHIT GUYS by bulletblend Stamp by Nephthys-magic [STAMP][RANT] F.A.K.I - Patapon by SubnormalHalfspy Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner anti-fetish by Ramen27

Closest friends (IN NO ORDER):

:iconwingedblueshell: :iconmaximusgrowler: :iconkamimarc: :icontopaz-the-crosscat73:

These people are among many that mean a plenty to me. Think twice before even harming them.


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